Brand New Day


This business, and website included, has been quite the journey for me. Like everything I do in life, it is constantly evolving, never subject to a plan or schedule. It’s a “go-as-you-grow” model. Those of you who have creative artist blood in you know that it’s sooo hard to keep the same thing every day - i’m always changing things up around me from room layouts to colors and cars. You may have noticed a new layout on the website - chalk that one up to that creative artist gene! I can’t do any one thing for very long, it needs to be fresh energy if I want it to keep going anywhere.

I moved to Nova Scotia 13 years ago this August. I never imagined that my life would look like this today - but here I am, teaching art classes and therapeutic art sessions to my fellow Nova Scotians. Speaking of which, I want to clear up a common question and misconception people have:

What is the difference between Art Therapy and Therapeutic Arts Practitioner?

It’s a great question. There’s a significant difference, although the two work hand in hand. Simply put, an art therapist works with clients to interpret the art and activities, while a therapeutic art practitioner helps facilitate art and creative activities. You could think of the therapeutic art practitioner as the “gatekeeper” so to speak - I work with people who want to explore creative outlets, and I refer those with deeper psychological needs to work with an art therapist or psychologist (while still working with me!) There are a handful of art therapists in Nova Scotia, but I am not one of them. My clients come to me looking for alternative ways to organize their thoughts and feelings, and I refer to an art therapist if something gets too deep for my practise (like trauma, or undiagnosed mental illness).

I love what I do, and I’m looking forward to working with more and more of my neighbours and Nova Scotians in my dot art classes and other therapeutic art practises!